Sunday, May 29, 2011

Figuring Things Out

Since we are all on a health journey, and we can't figure everything out all at once, it can sometimes take a long time to realize something is just not working. I was trying to do low-carb and all I got was incredible cravings for things like sugar and starch, hypoglycemia, and stressed out adrenals. I gave in to those cravings and have been doing better ever since. I have even included the dreaded cane sugar at times. Popcorn probably isn't a wise choice, and I think I'm probably allergic to it, but I needed fuel! I just can't do the high fat diet, it takes a while to switch over to fat burning and if you don't want to make the switch you have to live on pounds of veggies and that is something I was not going to do. Vegetables contain anti-nutrients and polyunsaturated fatty acids that stress our body. I am still including root veggies, but have definitely not felt guilty that I don't eat a bunch of raw veggies everyday. We are not bunny rabbits! Fruit is a much better fuel source and increase metabolism which I have definitely experienced. I don't get cold hands and feet nearly as much, and I think clearly most of the time now! Josiah and I are both sleeping better, while we still have our bad days, that is to be expected when you've spent your entire life eating wrong, he just has some sleep issues that need to be worked out. Behavior is overall much better as long as I am giving him enough food. He is even eating the chicken soup! Gelatin is very anti-inflammatory, anyone who has inflammation should be taking it everyday.

I think I will continue to do GAPS in principle, but I will not follow it like a regimen anymore, everyone is different and needs different foods at different times and I think strict diets could do more harm than good. I am so glad that I have this freedom to listen to my body and give it what it needs and not feel like I'm 'feeding the bad pathogens'. That may be the case but if you give your body the right fuel it will be stronger to deal with those pathogens. I will not be calling our diet GAPS anymore because we are not sticking to it. I will continue to do nutrition research, just not on GAPS all that time. This is not meant to bash the diet at all, it does work for people, and maybe at some point we will go on intro for some more healing. I still want to be grain-free. I follow many of the principles like not eating industrially processed foods, and eating whole natural foods. But I want to nourish my body, not stress it out!

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