Monday, May 9, 2011


Josiah woke up at 5 AM this morning and I was DEAD! I had water with lemon and tried resting on the couch, but I realized I was starting to get the same reactions I've had before when going low-carb- rapid heartbeat, numbness in extremities, barely enough energy to move, and nausea if I think about food (which I really needed to eat!). I tried to just take a nap, but it got worse so I had some honey and it got better, but it didn't go away until i had some peanut butter. This is a really scary experience for me, it made me not want to eat any soup and pretty much halt the diet. I taxed my adrenals by not eating enough to keep my blood sugar from dropping too low. I knew better but I guess I thought I would be okay since I only had one GAPS intro meal yesterday. Guess not! So I am definitely backing off until I can get a feel for how much food I need to eat to prevent hypoglycemia, while still trying to heal. I may not be able to do the intro at this point and just head straight to the full GAPS diet. It is obvious I need some major healing.


  1. hi - that's what happened to me when i started even full gaps - from cutting the carbs - nausea and hypoglycemia - I was actually sick a few times the first night but it passed by day two/three and i started to feel much better than before starting quickly then. hope you feel better. ease into it maybe. and yes stick with full for a while maybe too.

  2. btw there is Q&A about it on the main gaps website, think the answer was lots fats to prevent it.

  3. Yea, I was searching the GAPS help group for messages regarding hypoglycemia and it seems to be a pretty common occurrence when first switching. So yes I have seen the FAQ's, I definitely didn't do enough fat last night, I also read that when your body is so used to eating carbs at every meal it might need time readjusting the amount of insulin it releases. I hate when it happens though! Especially when Josiah is nursing constantly in the morning and I don't have energy to make him anything. I resisted eating a bowl of popcorn this afternoon, but I don't know how the rest of the evening is going to go! I'm having the soup again with extra beef tallow. Josiah actually tried some! I have hope! Thanks for being a friend, its so hard to do this stuff alone.

  4. Janelle - I had a lot of nausea at the beginning and it was always worst in the morning from not eating enough and nursing during the night. It does get better - I promise! I think I started feeling better around Day 5. Dr. Natasha talks about hypoglycemia in her latest blog post and suggests eating butter mixed with a little honey to keep your blood sugar steady. It's a long post and I think the info is toward the end, fyi.

    Good luck - you're doing great mama!