Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update 2

Today is a wonderful day! Despite that its gloomy and cold out, I am so happy. We had a good nights rest and a very good morning. I noticed  immediately that Josiah wasn't trying to line up his cars and was actually playing with them. He's been slowly starting to do this over the last few weeks but it was especially prominent today. He is also much more calm. Last night he was cranky, but I don't blame him- we had ice cream and popcorn. I am really looking forward to days where we have no sweets or popcorn, hopefully today is one of those days I can stay on track. When I got the negative results to his allergy testing it had me throw up my arms thinking well then I don't know whats wrong with him! But then I realized those tests don't detect delayed reactions and can even give false negatives for gluten intolerance so I am not going to say he is not sensitive to anything because we're obviously seeing improvement after just a week of no wheat, rye, barley or oats. I've also kept sweets and fruit to a minimum.

His diet has been: eggs, bacon, sausage, coconut egg and honey muffins, ground beef, some ice cream and popcorn, and half a glass of raw milk one day

and for me: all of the above and soup, sauerkraut, butter oil, cashews, and watermelon (which I've eaten way too much of since yesterday and it gave me horrible bloating afterwards)..

Today my mind seems much more clear and a general sense of lightness, whereas before I just felt weighed down and like I couldn't think straight. Another one of my symptoms over the last couple years has been that I've had more and more problems with speech. I have to consciously think about what I'm trying to say otherwise I may mess up words. It is really frustrating when you have to search for words. Even Ryan has  been increasingly more frustrated with me, I'm hoping that it will get better and I am more able to comprehend what others are saying and then be able to respond with clarity. I also have issues with multitasking, if I am reading or paying attention to something and Ryan says something to me I have to stop everything I am doing and listen intently or else I miss what he is saying. You can imagine how frustrating that is when I have to keep saying ''what?" The obsessiveness on my side has calmed down a bit today, I think my acne is drying up after a week of nothing but picking at my face and chest because I was breaking out a lot, my face looks awful, but I feel better. 

Another exciting improvement is that Josiah has gone down for a nap early today and yesterday!! I cannot even believe it, I thought I would be struggling with him until the day he gave up his nap entirely but now I can see clearly he was having problems with food and it was causing him not to be able to settle down. 

I honestly didn't think a day like today would happen so quickly especially with all the cheating we've been doing, but it sure is a blessing!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! So much improvement in so little time! That's a good sign! And more to come I bet. Yeah, I wouldn't be let down by the allergy test. I think you did the IgE test, correct? Only 5% of people have an IgE allergy to foods so it is not surprising he doesn't have one. But more than likely he has delayed allergies AND intolerances!

    Here's my favorite tutorial on allergies, intolerances, etc. Really helps you understand what's what :)

  2. So great to hear about your son's improvements! It is SO encouraging to see those changes only a mama would notice.

    And yes - don't worry for a second about allergy test results. They are notoriously unreliable. My daughter just had a reaction to ghee and she has tested negative for dairy allergy several time and the "sensitivity test" that Dr. Natasha recommends was also negative. Go figure. The best method is just to get a food completely out of the diet, get to baseline (an absence of symptoms) and challenge the food and watch for symptoms.

    You're doing great mama!

  3. hi - wow - wonderful to hear. going gluten free can be powerful - and often quite a revelation just how powerfully it had been affecting all sorts of things - I experienced it quite similarly to you. it got even better when i cut out the casein too. but what makes me so happy to have found GAPS is that one day after much gut healing - still in the distant future but one day! - i'll be able to eat fresh bread and butter again! but for now i'm more than happy with my GAPS diet as the benefits are so huge. hope things just keep getting clearer and better.

  4. thanks everyone for the encouragement! Yesterday was great, today... not so much! I know we are going to go through good days and bad days. I also noticed that when Josiah is up a lot nursing I never have a good day afterwards, if we both get a good night rest our day is pretty good, so I am guessing adrenal fatigue plays a big role in our healing as well. To be honest I don't miss bread and butter! I am thankful for that, I hope one day I can have it without any effects though!