Friday, May 13, 2011


Josiah is so calm today that I don’t want to screw up the diet at all because I want to keep my happy boy around! I’ve been seeing major improvements just from eliminating gluten products, I have had popcorn and some sugar in ice cream but otherwise I’ve been pretty good. My tummy is much flatter! I used to have a big bloated tummy that was probably unnoticeable unless I showed  you Winking smile.

I eat the soup I made pretty much everyday, but I find that it does cause either 'die-off’ or a reaction and I have trouble falling asleep. Other than that I have been eating our regular diet, minus the gluten flours. I did try making coconut flour muffins, they turned out really good! Josiah thought they were cookies. I had another bout of hypoglycemia, but that time I knew I needed to eat promptly, and yet it still took a while for me to go back to normal. The two times it has happened I ate very low-carb (with lots of protein and fat) the day before. I do feel a lot better when I add in corn or milk since I’m still breastfeeding a lot. Josiah is not eating that much better unfortunately, he won’t eat the soup and I’m just too wiped to be making more at this point and I still have a huge container of it left, we will see about next week. He definitely needs this diet, I wish my health was better so I am more able to cope with doing it myself.

I am hoping at some point I can forget about popcorn and things that I crave, but it was just too hard for me to eliminate everything overnight, as long as I keep on trying to make progress I think things will get better. I felt like I accomplished a lot when I went to the store and saw all the food I can’t have and didn’t try putting it in my cart! Even despite being hungry and craving sweets! Shopping is probably one of the hardest things when you are giving up stuff.

I have been very tired, the last two nights we’ve had storms and our ceiling sprung leaks! They are still working on it but hopefully tonight it is not going to rain so I won’t have to be up late tending to it. I am really looking forward to bedtime. Since we’re not being strict about the diet I haven’t been writing down reactions because there's just too many variables, I do think my digestion is better though. Just need to figure out how to ease into it without causing too much detox because I know I have heavy metal toxicity and if I stir things up I could do more damage than good!


  1. hi - so glad you doing both feeling benefits. yes my most dramatic improvements were from cutting out gluten too its amazing. It will get easier. I had been a chocoholic all my life - it is totally amazing to me now that I can shop without putting it in my cart - now that is even easy - the cravings completely gone on GAPs (course still have a bit of hiney in things if i want something sweet but its just not the same intensity of wanting) it feels a miracle and a great freedom! you're doing great. slowly slowly and bit by bit is ok, you'll be encouraged to move forward by the improvements you've already seen.

  2. ps - close on the tail of gluten by far the second biggest improvement was from cutting out dairy - it wasn't so much physical but emotional - i felt SO much brighter, like something heavy had lifted after years, worth trying too - if you're sensitive to gluten very likely you're sensitive to the casein in dairy too.

  3. Thanks Julia! If you read the second update its about even more improvements! And we even had ice cream yesterday! Gluten was definitely not our friend! I will definitely try cutting out dairy because if we do have leaky guts then yes casein would be a problem. I can't wait to feel much more brighter, I've been dealing with a heavy fog for a long time. You should make a blog, you seem to know a lot about the diet.